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Take a moment to see why we value veterans.

At Dow, we know that veterans bring skills beyond their job title in the military. The knowledge and attributes they add to our workforce enables excellence. That’s why we’re committed to preserving and promoting the virtues of military service through:

  • VetNet – our veteran’s employee resource group established to advance the recruitment, development and mentorship of service members and veterans; to build allies through education and community service.
  • The Engagement Program – a unique mentoring program that connects internal Dow mentors with external veteran talent with the purpose of engaging these individuals and connecting them to open positions within Dow.
  • Military Leave of Absence – offering up to five years leave to employees who serve in Uniformed Service in the case of Contingency Operations (Involuntary Call-up), Reserve Operations/Readiness Training and for Voluntary Enlistment. In most cases, there is continuation of compensation and benefits from Dow.
  • Military Degree Equivalence – 4+ years of relevant U.S. military experience is equivalent to an Associate’s degree under this policy, allowing Dow to qualify 3.5 million American veterans for jobs that require an Associate’s degree - bringing veteran talent into the organization to further our success.
  • Veteran Community Outreach Efforts – including, but not limited to, Dow USA was an official supporter of the 2016 Invictus Games and sponsor of the 2014 Warrior Games. Opportunities such as these allow us to honor the men and women who risked their lives to serve in the military.

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