Shift Veteran Perceptions From "Consumer" to "Candidate"

Verizon’s military recruiting team needed a different approach to military hiring. Their focus is on becoming a brand that relates to both consumers and job candidates, particularly the military population.


Hirepurpose was able to provide Verizon direct engagement with military members by advocating on their behalf, which allowed Verizon to make senior-level hires at a more cost-effective price. Hirepurpose and Verizon worked closely together to understand hiring goals and develop a strategy to meet those goals.


Hirepurpose's knowledge about the military population allowed Verizon to:

Develop a targeted hiring strategy for Verizon's call centers based on base locations Brand Verizon as a veteran-friendly company through editorial content on Task & Purpose Learn about and gain access to targeted events where Verizon can reach service members and veterans given that hiring fairs are dwindling

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