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Information Technology Technician
U.S. Air Force / WI Air National Guard - Technical Sergeant, Cyber Specialist

As an information technology technician for 3M, I am responsible for installing, maintaining, securing and resolving issues associated with 3M's computer and network systems. My customers are the many 3M employees that I interact with daily. I served for four years in the Air Force on active duty, and I am currently a cyber specialist with the Air National Guard. As a cyber specialist, I also work on computer and network systems. Because of the similar roles in my military and civilian careers, the information technology skills and knowledge attained from my military training have had a direct impact on being successful at 3M within the Information Technology sector.


When I got out of active duty, I didn't know what I should be doing, and I didn't make any specific goals. All I thought about was finding a job to pay the bills. I was lost until I actually sat down and wrote down specific career goals for myself. Once I had those goals, I made a commitment to attain them, and this approach has served me well. If you make specific goals for your career and define how to accomplish them, this can lead you in the right career path and better prepare you for success.


There is a set of principles instilled when you have served in the military. The military trains you to be an exceptional leader, to have strong teamwork principles and to have mission-first standards. Highlight your military skills and training and, when interviewing, ensure those screening you understand them.

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