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Management Consulting Senior Analyst
U.S. Marine Corps - Corporal, Aircrew

I'm a senior analyst with the Management Consulting practice. I decided I wanted to go into the marines after high school. Around the wintertime of 2005 a tsunami had just hit Thailand and Sri Lanka so immediately I was put to work jumping on planes, flying supplies back and forth. I was in the marines for five years before I transitioned out.


I joined Accenture as a business analyst, my first project was an IT strategy project with a large healthcare diagnostics firm. I first came in there knowing little or nothing about healthcare diagnostics, but I was willing to learn as much as I could and that's kind of the nature of the beast with the consulting organization. You're always pushing yourself, you're always growing.


The biggest quality that veterans should look at in themselves is teamwork. In other words, being able to provide support for other people when they need it. The new project I am going to be joining, which I’m really excited about, is part of an army national guard wellness package, so we have been helping to manage the suicide prevention and substance abuse prevention program for the entire army national guard. I think Accenture is a great place to work for anyone because it’s good to know that there are employee resource groups dedicated to military and former military members that provide a certain amount of community support. Moreover, one thing that I am always impressed by is the caliber of people in the organization—everyone is not only smart, capable and high performers but also they are really nice, warm and open.

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