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Solution Architect
U.S. Air Force - Captain, Financial Management Officer

I am a solution architect with Accenture Operations and I'm a military hire. My last year or so in the Air Force was a really unique opportunity. I moved into a role where I was an integration lead and I helped plan and bring together three different offices that have three very different ways of doing things. That was really interesting going through change management with the government and that experience was actually what kind of led me to look at Accenture.


One of the things I learned in the military was how to adapt, and when I first got to Accenture, I was on a project where I had to architect a really large deal. I was given the chance to stretch and grow but I had a safety net of a support network in the background, helping me, encouraging me and teaching me the right way to do it. We came out and won the deal and it was a really great experience. I do think the experience I had in the military really helped prepare me to take on that challenge and not shy away and really just get the job done. Since then we've developed a military mentorship program and so I've actually been paired with a couple of more recent military hires to be a buddy or a mentor for them and be another friendly person for them to talk to or share anything with. It helps that we have similar connections or know similar people from our military background.


While we are a very large company and very spread out across different geographies, my experience as a solution architect is that Accenture is very much a family, and I am very much connected with the people that I work with. These are things that a lot of veterans really long for and they want a place to belong and has a community where they can plug in and develop lasting relationships. The next big thing for veterans would be the different career options. Veterans like to move around and they like a challenge. At Accenture, it’s so large that some employees have been here for 25 years, but have experienced five to seven career changes within the same company. I do think Accenture’s commitment to hire 5,000 veterans over the next few years is really exciting. What will make it a successful veterans hiring program, is that we hire those 5,000 and they stay, contribute and are happy to be here. And so far from what I’ve seen, that’s what Accenture has been doing.

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