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Business Process Outsourcing Manager
U.S. Army - Captain, Operations Officer

I am a consulting, business outsourcing and operations professional with 15 years of experience in numerous high-performing and hands-on leadership positions. I have significant experience building effective teams to handle diversity and change while performing a myriad of difficult functions. I am also an experienced military operator and project manager with background in sales and strategy. Moreover, I am a pragmatic thinker and creative practitioner who understands the importance of vision, knowledge management and leader involvement to inspire executives and employees in building dynamic, high-performing organizations.


Coming into Accenture as a junior military officer I didn't know a lot about financial services, banking, mortgage and foreclosures. However, I had great team leads that came and allowed me to ask questions and learn more about our process, how to improve it, some of our gaps and learn more about what I can do as a leader to help them succeed. I've been through a lot of different scenarios and situations because the mortgage industry is ever changing and that's definitely allowed me to grow as a professional. Accenture is looking to hire 5,000 vets and spouses, which is unbelievable and awesome.


One of the best learning experiences I got was the Atlanta Airport Mission. It was basically one of my introductions into real project management. A lot of the trainees that were coming in from around the U.S. were getting lost in the airport, so the costs were adding up. My job was to come in and develop a plan that would ensure that the trainees would be able to get from their gate onto the bus and at Fort Benning as fast and efficiently as possible.

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