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Sr. Manager, Global IT Systems & Desktop Infrastructure
U.S. Air Force - Senior Airman, Communications Computer Systems Operator

I'm responsible for the overall Systems and Desktop infrastructure for Activision globally. I manage the Systems Engineering and Help Desk teams. The Air Force is what put me on the technical path for IT (Information Technology) and introduced me to my first job working technology. Aside from being able to get to work with new technology, what I like most about my job are the people here at Activision. My management is always supportive and my teammates are dedicated and knowledgeable. It's like a family, much like the same camaraderie that I felt with my team in the Air Force. Everyone is willing to do what it takes to get the job done and have fun doing it!


Take what you've learned in the military and translate it to civilian terms or functions that relate to the position that you would like to acquire.


Translating skills- One of the tasks I had to do was to distribute various levels of communications (from Unclassified to Top Secret) to various ranks of individuals (from basic Airmen to high level Officers).  I would translate that to having gained the skills of dealing with people of all levels from the average worker to the most senior level Executives in a company.  My job prepared me on how to interact with individuals with respect and provide excellent customer service no matter what someone’s “rank” is.

Education- I joined the military to get my G.I. Bill to help complete my bachelor degree.  I was assigned the job of a Communications Computer Systems Operator.  For this job role, I received training both in class and on the job that prepared me to work as a Desktop Technician, Systems Engineer and eventually a Manager.  The Air Force really paved the way to my current position that I have here at Activision.  I love what I do, I love the company and I’m glad the military gave me the skills I needed to get here.

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