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Plant Superintendent, Baytown, TX
U.S. Army - Specialist, Pharmacy Specialist

As Plant Superintendent, I am responsible for the safe and efficient operation of Air Products' facility at Baytown, TX. My normal day consists of troubleshooting plant issues, ensuring that the plant is being operated safely, and managing employee issues such us training, development and mentoring. By far my favorite part of the job is interacting with different people on a daily basis. In this role, one has to be able to communicate effectively with and influence people who report to you, people to whom you report to, and people who are in other organizations. One who cannot do this well will not be successful in this role.


Education and training is the key to transitioning from life in the armed services to a civilian job in the oil/gas industry. Education can take many different forms: four-year degree at a university, associate's degree from a community college, or similar work experience/training. Given the competitiveness in this field, a high school diploma is not enough anymore to get into this industry. Whether you are interested in becoming an engineer, an operator or a technician, the days when knowing someone on the inside was all it took to get you in are over. Take advantage of the plethora of educational programs and opportunities out there for veterans. Don't let these benefits go unused.


Building skills- Throughout my career I have found that skills build upon skills. My high school education prepared me for a military career in the medical field.  The military training gave me the mental fortitude and discipline to get through chemical engineering in college.  My college education enabled me to start my career in the oil and gas industry. And within my job, each position I have held has prepared me in some way for the next move. One has to be able to look ahead, set goals for oneself and make a plan on how to attain said goals; but most importantly, one has to follow through with the plan. And, just as you achieve your goal, get ready to set the next one and start the process again!

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