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Maintenance Supervisor
U.S. Navy - Engineman 2nd Class, Engineman (Diesel Mechanic)

As a maintenance supervisor within Air Products, I am directly responsible for all activities taking place in the maintenance department. We conduct in house maintenance and repairs on 95% of all the plants equipment, buildings, and other structures. We also oversee all safety, environmental, and reliability efforts in order to make the plant run efficiently and within applicable regulations. The military provided me with the integrity and discipline needed to succeed in this position. I really enjoy working will all the plant personnel and the challenges we face on a daily basis.


My advice to transitioning military personnel is to take the hiring process serious and be professional. When landing an interview with a potential employer, dress for the occasion and conduct lots of research prior to the meeting. Be prepared for questioning and have questions to ask as well. If your branch or command offers a transition class for those who are separating, take full advantage. Additionally, ensure your resume is tailored around the position being applied for. Companies are looking for those key words and qualifications and if they are not on the resume they may be quickly overlooked. Finally, use the drive and motivation the military has instilled in you and take that with you everywhere you go.


Maintenance department- Within the maintenance department, we typically hire safety minded mechanics and instrumentation/electrical technicians. For the mechanics, having a solid mechanical aptitude and general understanding of industrial rotating machinery is important (pumps, compressors, valves, etc.). Regarding the instrumentation/electrical technicians, we look for a wide range of experience around the different equipment we have at the plant. We're not looking for an expert on one single piece of machinery, but more of a broad knowledge of transmitters, variable speed drives, PLC's, and electrical circuitry. Any sort of official training is a plus. When I hired on as a mechanic, I had very little knowledge of the equipment at the site, but the general understanding was there. I had the motivation to learn and constantly progress and that is what got me hired. Air Products is looking for team players with good attitudes and the integrity to do what's right the first time. 

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