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VP Professional Services
U.S. Navy - Lieutenant Commander, Naval Flight Officer

I'm currently managing a team providing creative, marketing, and digital talent to our clients in the Professional Services Industry. My team consists of Account Directors responsible for sales, Talent Agents responsible for delivering the skills to our clients, and managers of both groups. There are several rewarding aspects of my current job: the dual sales/operations nature of the role, the fact that I'm working closely with many of my former colleagues Professional Services, and the opportunity to lead a very talented team. The most enjoyment comes from working with my team towards a common goal – whether it be analyzing clients' needs or pitching a new idea. The leadership skills I learned in the Navy are extremely effective in the business world.


Despite being relatively experienced in areas like management and operations after leaving the Navy, I was relatively inexperienced in areas such as technology and finance. It took a lot of "falling down" to realize I had a lot to learn. Looking back, I wish I had the wisdom to swallow my ego sooner and embrace my deficiencies. That would have made the transition significantly easier.


This might come across as obvious, but once you decide on a career on the “outside” the sooner you start prepping the better. I started and completed my MBA during my last 3 years of active duty. This gave me exposure to subjects with which I had little to no familiarity (like Marketing) but it also allowed me to forge relationships with people already on the outside. I keep in touch with many of those people today. And relationships are important regardless of whether you are on the inside or the outside.

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