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President of the Facilities Services, Business and Industry Group
U.S. Army - Captain, Engineer

After leaving the Army and before joining Aramark, I enjoyed a range of roles in the facility services industry. In the Army, I worked with infantry and army units to make sure that they could move around and be protected. It was similar to the work I do now at Aramark; my customers were just the units I supported.


I think that there are three qualities learned during military service that help veterans succeed at Aramark. First, we are a people-focused company, and leadership is key. Being able to work with people – to understand what makes them tick, motivates them and how to engage them – is crucial for success in a business and in the military. When you're really trying to get things done, a leader that works with a team in a positive way and engages them is going to succeed.

The second quality is the ability to be innovative and creative. In the military you don't have the luxury of saying 'that's not something we do.' It's not 'can we do it?' it's 'how do we do this?' We are constantly confronted with unique situations in our business, and we're always looking to innovate for our customers. We need creative solutions to get the job done.

Finally, we have the understanding that standards and procedures are how things get done. That's definitely part of the military stereotype, but it's something that's learned and is critical for success. You need to be creative, but you need to make sure that the work gets done a certain way.


At Aramark, our motto is ‘we dream, we do.’ Dreaming is in the innovation, and doing is the execution. The people we’ve hired out of the military really demonstrate all three of those characteristics: leading people, finding creative solutions and following the rules to get things done.

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