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OPP Pricing Analyst
U.S. Army - 1st Lieutenant, Brigade Strength Management Officer

In my current position, I am responsible for the pricing analytics of Outside Purchase Products (OPP). This position is in charge of analyzing product pricing that is manufactured by another company and sold in our AMI stores. Products are analyzed by margin, sale price, transfer price and trends. A large portion of my job focuses on the strategic development of new ideas and processes. The position allows me to fully extend my skills to justify change within a large organization. AMI has given me the opportunity to make a positive impact on a daily basis; which is exactly something that I was looking for transitioning out of the military.


The most valuable piece of advice I can give is to step outside your comfort zone whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you are afraid of giving formal presentations, volunteer to speak in front of an audience. If you are uncomfortable with computer programs, research or take a class to better understand them. You will never get the position you want, unless you take the necessary steps to achieve it. Put yourself in a position to succeed. Practice makes perfect. Isn't that what the military has taught us? If nothing else, you will be more confident in yourself which will project upon those you interview with.


Continuing education is the key to setting yourself apart from civilian peers. The military has fixed many qualities in our persona that are envied by the corporate world. Leadership, adaptability, work ethic, working under pressure and attention to detail are installed in each one of us. However, what else can we provide outside of these attributes? These characteristics coupled with education through reading, certifications, college degrees, and masters programs will ultimately provide you with the tools to find success.

I decided to pursue my MBA directly out of the military. This decision coupled with my military background was what made me an asset in the business world. Start to educate yourself as soon as you are able to because once you have that knowledge the doors will open for you. Take night classes, weekend classes--anything to solidify your resume to stand out.

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