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Dave M.


Dave M.

District Manager- Airport Operations
U.S. Marine Corps - Corporal, Security Forces

As the District Manager for Airport Operations I am responsible for the day to day operations management and growth of the facility. I am responsible for a fleet of over 3K vehicles and 150 employees. I find that the leadership, attention to detail, discipline and esprit de corps I acquired in the military has enabled me to lead and grow the business. It is a privilege to have the responsibility and pressure to make choices that affect the success of my team.


I've learned along the way that the leadership, ownership, attention to detail and decisiveness that the military provides is important in the civilian sector. That said, I learned early in my civilian career that patience is critical. Not everyone works with the same sense of urgency. Understanding this and learning to manage it is imperative. I've realized my success by holding close those traits acquired while serving while learning and embracing new techniques along the way. Embrace change.


Education- I began going back to school shortly after processing out of the military. I began taking business courses along with trade course work in the travel industry. I was willing to start at the ground level in the organization and my winning spirit and strong work ethic provided me the springboard to advance with the organization. 

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