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David C.


David C.

Airport Manager
U.S. Air Force - Staff Sergent, Combat Forward Air Controller

Outside of my basic daily duties which includes managing our readiness and executing our process. The true reward in my position is the opportunity to build a team through leadership, compassion, and education. When my management team and workgroup employees know that I have their best interest at heart along with understanding how important their position is in reaching our goal, they take pride in what they do. Mentoring my managers and challenging them to think outside the box, whether it's changing a process or implementing a new one. This has given them pride and ownership in improving our location. I have taken great pride in relaying the message of our senior leadership which is "family first and Do the right thing".


I would advise anyone transitioning from the military into this company that growth and recognition is what you make of it. Hard work and dedication is noticed and rewarded. Throughout the years that I have worked for ABG in various locations, the common thread is the work ethic and loyalty the employees of each location have. This place will become more than a job it becomes your second family.


Leadership Skills- Every milestone in my career has taught me that self-improvement is constant. I credit most of my leadership skills to the military which challenged me in very difficult situations. Avis Budget Group has provided me with resources to improve my career through ABG U (online training), mentorship programs, leadership conferences, Customer Led Experience courses, and traveling to different operations.

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