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Senior Principal Engineer
U.S. Navy - Lieutenant, Surface Warfare Officer, Nuclear Subspecialty

I lead and manage four engineers and support them in executing their projects. I also lead and participate on cross-functional teams supporting projects involving manufacturing continuity, value improvement, quality issue resolution, and regulatory compliance. I am responsible as the subject matter expert and product design owner for these projects, which involves decision making, technical and risk analysis, and problem solving. The thing I like the most about my job is knowing that the work I do supports products that save and sustain lives on a daily basis.


Don't make assumptions that exclude potential jobs opportunities. The odds are that you may not have a clear idea of what you actually want to do, and job descriptions sometimes don't tell you specifics about what you are going to be doing. Try to pick a company where you can have opportunities in other fields, so you have the flexibility to move around and explore other fields and career paths. Also, you may be used to being in a leadership role, don't be surprised if you have to start out as an individual contributor and work your way up to management.


Education: Because most of my work experience has been in technical roles, my undergraduate degree (B.S. Chemical Engineering) has been more useful than my M.B.A.

Skills: Leading and mentoring people, critical thinking and problem solving, decision making (especially under pressure), being resourceful in finding information, and managing projects.

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