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Project Manager, Consumer Health
U.S. Navy - Lieutenant, Supply Corps, Petroleum Management

After the Navy I worked in other places before coming to Bayer, but I like this company and want to stay. Our mission about helping people with their own self-care really resonates with me; knowing that our customers benefit from our products brings lots of satisfaction.

As a Project Manager, I help execute new product launches in Bayer’s Consumer Health business. I also work on changing existing products, introducing new formulations and packaging, and discontinuing products. Even though my current job is very different from my military one, there are many commonalities. Both roles require working with many different kinds of people. Currently I meet with finance, scientists in research and development, marketing, and plants and manufacturing people. It’s not always easy, but I’m never bored. Another helpful learning from the military is communicating with people in a language they can understand. The military has very specific jargon, and so does corporate work, so you have to be open to learning and understanding how people speak about their jobs and requirements.


Keep an open mind; you never know where you’ll end up. I went from working on a floating gas station, refueling ships and aircraft, to my current role in Consumer Health. Learn to translate your skills and experience into terms that civilians can understand—maybe you worked in nuclear propulsion plants, but you can say you managed a budget for maintenance and repairs, you led people and hit your targets and timelines. And be willing to work. From the outside, corporate work might seem easier, but it’s not a nine-to-five job.

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