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Assistant Analyst
U.S. Army - Sergeant, Infantry

I work on Bayer’s Data Center Network team. Our job is to keep the network up and running at the Pittsburgh Data Center. I’ve only been at Bayer a year, but I’ve been lucky to have played a significant role in managing our network hardware upgrades. From this, I’ve learned that every team member is important, and everyone makes a difference.

My job has allowed me to integrate the information technology expertise I’ve learned in college with the organizational skills, risk management, and scenario planning skills that the Army has taught me. The other skill that is useful in both places is the ability to work with a team; as we say in the Army, “One team, one fight.”

The great thing about being a citizen soldier and working at Bayer is knowing they are there for me when I need to be there for my country.


When you are looking for a civilian career opportunity, don’t be afraid to venture outside of your military job or occupational specialty. A lot of my fellow infantrymen have gone into law enforcement because that seems like the most logical step based on our Army experience. But look more deeply at the skills you’ve acquired and the training you’ve received; it may open up new career paths that you didn’t originally consider.

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