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Scientist/Field Study Director, Seed and Trait Safety
U.S. Army Reserve - Captain, Agricultural Officer

At Bayer, I am a study director and technical expert working in our Research and Development group to prepare protocols, assemble resources and monitor the field and greenhouse portions of our research studies. All of our agricultural products have to comply with USDA and FDA regulations in the U.S., as well as with the regulatory agencies in different countries—and Bayer operates in almost every country in the world. If our products aren’t approved by those regulatory bodies, we can’t sell them in that country.

The best part of my job is that it is different every day. Being a self-starter is important in this work, as is being analytical and detail-oriented while still seeing the bigger picture. I also love being part of a team at Bayer that helps feed the world and where I can use my scientific knowledge in agriculture to aid the U.S. Army.


The biggest difference I’ve noticed between civilian and military work is that in the military, you need certain specific assignments to be promoted. But there are lots of ways to advance in the corporate world. So be prepared for flexibility and freedom of choice, and take advantage of as many opportunities and training as you can.

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