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Senior Staff Administrator, Crop Science
U.S. Air Force - Master Sergeant, Information Manager

I retired from the Air Force in 2013 after 21 years, and have been at Bayer ever since. I enjoy working here; people have strong respect for one another, and the support is terrific. Personal and professional development is encouraged and available. It’s a great environment.

Much like in the military, I have many different roles in my job at Bayer. I handle standard administrative duties for seven managers. As part of that job, I am also the supply clerk, IT guide, event coordinator, and the local HR liaison. Last but not least, I’m the Site Coordinator for high performance culture initiatives for eight North American Bayer sites.

Skills I developed in the Air Force such as prioritization, organization, and knowing when to ask for help have been valuable, but my experience working with a diverse work force has been priceless. As a global company, Bayer employees understand the importance of working as a team to reach our goals.


A few things surprised me in my transition from military to corporate life. People look at and approach you differently in your uniform based on your rank. Out of uniform, you’re a regular civilian who has to start from scratch to earn respect and develop your reputation with each new person you meet and work with.
Unlike in the military, people in the corporate world don’t have to follow orders. Knowing how to motivate and influence people are important skills. My first recommendation: be patient. It’s a big change, so take your time and remember to ask for help.
Most important, find yourself a purpose, one that inspires you and keeps you going. Military personnel feel a sense of purpose when they are wearing a uniform, and when that uniform gets tucked away in a closet, we tend to lose that feeling of purpose. I encourage you to get involved in a veterans program or a local charity that you feel passionate about.

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