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Global Estimating Manager
U.S. Air Force - Major, Aircraft Commander and Instructor/Evaluator Pilot

I entered the industry as a project controls engineer post-military and then transitioned to BP where I've now worked for three years. I currently serve as the global estimating manager for BP's global projects organization. Our team builds some of the largest and most technically advanced projects in the fossil fuel industry. Upstream projects require a complex web of project management in order to be successful and competitive. Project controls, including estimating, seemed a natural fit as it blends the right amount of data-driven analysis with other skill sets such as project management, influence, communication, and leadership. Each day comes with different challenges and problems to solve which make it interesting, dynamic, and fun.


The biggest key to success is having an ability to adapt to change while understanding the company’s long-term strategy. It’s important to be proactive and to think “outside the box”. Having the right attitude and working as one team with integrity and commitment to each other, the company and our values are also crucial.

Although my career did not begin in oil and gas, the experiences that I bring from over a decade in the military are indeed “real” and “relatable” to this business.

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