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Managing Director – Structured Products Americas
U.S. Navy - Lieutenant, Naval Aviator

I was a LT and a Naval Aviator. I was responsible for flying various combat and combat support helicopter missions throughout the Middle East, Asia, and South America. I also was in charge of a 25 person maintenance detachment that ensured that all of our helicopters were repaired and mission capable.

When I was an Investment Banker, I worked on a large Merchant Power acquisition that BP provided some of the natural gas and power hedging for. The Structured Products team was looking for someone that had my unique skillset, and recruited me to join the team in 2005.

In the Navy, I learned to lead a team under stressful conditions and in difficult environments. I was able to think on my feet, and make fast-paced decisions that affected thousands of people. In essence, I learned to be a leader rather than just a manager. I am able to leverage these skills every day in my current job. I am responsible for a team of 4 professionals, but also have to perform and deliver as an individual contributor.


The skills I learned in the military were easily transferrable to BP. As a military officer, I learned to lead people and work as a team under pressure, in order to deliver specific goals within a specific timeframe. These skills have enabled me to succeed within a results driven organization such as BP.

BP is a very large company with multiple career paths and opportunities for veterans.  There is definitely a home for someone who is eager, intelligent, hard-working, and has attention to detail. Whether it is in Upstream, Downstream, or IST there are amazing opportunities for someone to succeed and find a career that they enjoy.

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