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Director, Veteran Outreach
U.S. Air Force

I found the transition offerings from BP to be extremely helpful and indicative of the teamwork I’d quickly realize working here. The presence of the BP Veterans BRG was a huge help to me as I began to navigate a new ways of working and corporate culture. It’s incredibly important, and comforting, to have other veterans with whom we can connect. It helps restore the sense of community and identity veterans often find missing after leaving the military. The work our BRG does to help our fellow veterans externally and to support BP’s veteran hiring initiatives internally provide a sense of purpose that most veterans crave.

As a veteran, I like knowing that the company truly values my military experience. And I’m excited to see the opportunities that my fellow veterans and I have to make a difference in our communities and for other veterans even in our corporate roles. I like knowing that we can still change the world from where we stand in our company.


I’ve come to recognize just how well trained we are in leadership skills and I’m pleased to be able to share my experience with my colleagues. In the military you’re taught how to lead, even from junior positions, while maintaining proper organizational protocols. Team dynamics and problem solving are daily parts of our military experience and I’m always excited when I have the opportunity to exercise those skills in my work at BP.

My military experience has been a tremendous asset for me at BP. It’s given me the confidence to know that I can bring new ideas and approaches to the table with credibility and a logical presentation. The military is beautifully diverse organization where I learned how to perform with excellence on teams of people from a variety of backgrounds. This experience is one of many that align well with the established culture at BP. One of the most important ways my military background has helped me at BP is found in the similar values between military service and BP. Veterans are well trained in safety, excellence, courage and teamwork which means veterans are already a great fit for BP’s culture and BP is a comfortable, natural fit for veterans.

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