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Procurement Manager
U.S. Marine Corps

As a Marine, I am proud that I represented something larger than myself; just as I am proud of the work that BrightView does to improve the quality of life for others.


Networking- Attend career fairs, social events, LinkedIn, social blogs, etc. and carry yourself in a professional manner, not only physically, but when communicating (in person and online) as well. 
Seek advice- Don’t be afraid to ask for advice on what skillsets you should focus on to make you a better candidate for the job.  Even when you get hired, you should seek out a mentor that will help you in your career within that organization. 
Education/Training- Seek out training and take advantage of any opportunity you are offered. Transitioning from the military to the private sector can be stressful at time. Take a business acumen class to help with your transition and apply it immediately. 

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