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Transition Management & Knowledge Transfer Analyst
U.S. Air Force - Technical Sergeant, Financial Management

I am responsible for ensuring a smooth transition of new personnel into their positions within the company. Not only do I provide the knowledge capital necessary to allow new personnel to become operationally ready, but also I facilitate sessions to familiarize new hires with our company culture and the services we provide to our customers.

My days are completely different from what I experienced in the military. I spend a lot of my time in meetings engaging colleagues across a variety of functional areas.

Working with new employees is very energizing. You can feel their enthusiasm and desire to succeed in the company. I put myself in their shoes every time I encounter a new group. Being one of the first faces they encounter in their first few weeks on the job gives me a great sense of responsibility.


Invest in a professionally written resume. Developing your own resume is a good idea, but removing military jargon might be too difficult to do on your own. A professional writer will be able to help by performing an interview and translating your skills and accomplishments into business terms. You will be able to showcase your value in a more effective manner, which will put your resume at the top of the pile. Remember, veterans are sought after by employers. Invest and make your resume stand out from the rest.


Take advantage of all the education opportunities the military has to offer. Tuition assistance and the GI Bill will cover your higher education expenses. If you work and study simultaneously, employers will deduce you are disciplined and perseverant.

Present yourself with a can-do attitude, as this will take you even further in your career. They know that we can get the job done! All you have to do is communicate and confirm their expectations. Be open, say yes and smile. You will have plenty of opportunities to show what you are made of if you have the right attitude.

Apply the structure and disciplined acquired in the military, as it will come in handy. Remember the old saying, “hurry up and wait”? It is better to be prepared than to be taken by surprise. 

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