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Chargeback Analyst
U.S. Marine Corps - Non-Commissioned Officer, Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Specialist

I review and evaluate chargeback errors and decide the best course of action to determine their root cause and resolve the problem. However, I don't perform in a silo or wait for problems to come to me--I work closely with our vendor partners to minimize future errors and proactively analyze data to uncover issues, identify trends and to develop and propose potential solutions for approval by management.


When creating your resume, ensure that you translate your experience into civilian language. If your military job doesn't entirely translate, focus on the skills that do.

Look into opportunities to attend school while you are still on active duty. Some states will assist service members with tuition and then you can save your GI Bill for when you are a veteran. I took classes on Camp Lejeune at the base high school after work. I was able to complete my freshman year before separating from the military.

Focus on one industry or career field. Become a subject matter expert so that your knowledge and experience is more valuable.


  • The military gave me a great foundation in management and training skills. I obtained a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Marketing. As a result, I was hired on as a Marketing Manager with Microsoft Corporation where I managed the training of retail sales representatives across 4 counties.

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb recognized my experience and accomplishments and I am proud to be a part of a wonderful company that helps so many people. In addition to my regular duties, I have taken on some leadership and training roles. I am the Marketing and Communication Manager for the internal resource group: the Veterans’ Community Network. We hold internal events as well as participate in fundraisers and community events that benefit local veterans. I have also recently become a backup trainer for new hire workshops.

  • I continue to grow and enhance my skill set with each new opportunity in my career development over the years. I am striving to develop existing skills and advance in my career at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

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