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Vice President, Engineering Development Services
U.S. Air Force - Senior Airman, Computer Operations / Communications

As a Lead Engineer for end user technology development services, I focus on strategically implementing tools and services to allow the business to focus on customers' needs. Normal days consist of working on projects that provide an infrastructure the bank can use to offer new or improved services to customers.


The most important advice is to use your military training, leadership skills and dedication. Volunteer for tasks outside of your comfort zone. An individual may succeed by him or herself, but it takes a team to complete large operations. Show that you are willing to take on any task with confidence and that you can work as part of a team, leveraging your leadership skills. Never stop bringing new ideas to your job. Do not just identify a problem, but also provide a solution.


The leadership training I received in the military, along with the discipline I learned, gave me the willingness to take point and lead the way. These are qualities that I have used from my military background. I learned that I could handle any task that was put in front of me, stressful or not. I am now able to challenge not only myself, but also others to put forth their best effort, and through hard work and dedication complete any job without fear of obstacles. These qualities allow me to be a better employee, which in turn allows my company to benefit from my efforts.

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