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SAP Configuration Analyst Assistant Director
U.S. Air Force - Staff Sergeant, Air Traffic Control Specialist

In my role at Crowe I provide information services support of our SAP installation for the payroll and financial services teams and have the responsibility of ensuring that the system is updated and functioning correctly. To be successful in this role I work closely with the people responsible for the firm’s financial responsibilities and reporting. I also support problem solving and error resolution for the firm’s day-to-day central financial provider activities. With my proficiency with the tool and previous experiences I’m able to contribute to discussions for future improvements or expanded usage of the SAP functionality or collateral systems.


Apply what you have experienced to evaluate a situation and use your decision making capabilities to address the changes before you. The military will generally require you to follow the instruction of a designated leader, but still expect you to evaluate alternatives of the current situation within governing limitations. The military is not the blind following of orders as some believe, but the training to think and act within guidelines with the latitude to adapt as necessary.

The military helped train me to be observant and adapt accordingly. My military career field afforded the opportunity to transition to similar civilian occupation, but it did not continue as anticipated. Then with the GI bill assistance I was able to acquire a degree in accounting. While working in that field, another opportunity became available to transition into third career in information services (IS). Within IS there have been challenges in other companies that outsource responsibilities, but through observation and adaptation to situations, a working career can be achieved by reviewing options and having a willingness to adapt.

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