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Government Consultant
U.S. Army - Specialist, Military Police

As a staff member on Crowe’s Government Process Improvement team, I serve as a business analyst for management engagements with state and local governments. My day to day job involves various duties depending on the project engagement and includes providing business and policy analysis recommendations to clients, project management duties, and developing professional client deliverables in a timely manner. Organizational skills, management skills, attention to detail, and being adaptable are important skills that help me complete my tasks. I enjoy the constant challenge of helping governments improve and find new ways to improve.


My advice to other Vets is to take advantage of your GI Bill benefits. After serving five years in the military I used my benefits to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Going to school as an older adult with experience can be difficult and I’ve seen many veterans struggle with this, but the effort is worth the results. Reaching out and becoming part of a network of Veterans in your area can help you stay motivated as well as expand your network. Having a degree and military experience opens a lot of doors and your experience puts you ahead of many of your peers.

Don’t underestimate your military experience –After going from the military, to school, and then to the workplace I thought I’d be relying mostly on my newly formed skills from school. I quickly discovered that much of my military experience was relevant and useful in various client engagements, which made me a valuable addition to the team.

Don’t limit yourself – Don’t be afraid to go into a different field from what you did in the military. Many skills learned in the service (organization skills, work ethic, team work) can be applied in almost all job opportunities.

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