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Risk Consulting Managing Director
U.S. Air Force - Senior Airman, Personnel Administration

In my role as a Risk Consulting managing director at Crowe, I am responsible for consulting with various companies in industries including financial services, telecommunications, software development, manufacturing and government regarding their business and information technology needs. As an integrated audit professional I have the ability to manage multiple projects that require an in-depth understanding of business and information technology risks.The skills I obtained in the military regarding leadership, task management, and planning have been invaluable in my success at Crowe. I thoroughly enjoy working with younger professionals to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Like the military, the culture at Crowe is all about values, teamwork, and community, which is the exact work environment I was looking for. 


Transitioning to the civilian way of life can be a challenge for any service member. I have learned in building relationships at Crowe and elsewhere in the workforce community that the same respect, camaraderie, security, structure, and professionalism experienced in the military can be found in Corporate America. So, look forward to your transition to the civilian workforce. You will be pleasantly surprised.

One of the takeaways from my career is that all of my jobs and work experiences (both positive and negative) have enabled me to grow into the professional I am today. However, I can attest that my days in the Air Force absolutely shaped me into the leader I am today.

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