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Corporate Supply Chain
U.S. Army - Master Sergeant, Observer Controller-Trainer

In my role, I support Corporate Supply Chain Services purchasing operations. My main responsibilities include maintaining supplier data within our global database, processing add/change requests for direct and indirect suppliers, assigning engineer releases and parts to sourcing managers, and providing helpdesk support to customers for electronic purchase orders.

I enjoy my job because I'm constantly learning, refining and adding to my current skill set. I have a degree in business management and my current role is building on my military experience and educational background. I'm making an impact here and helping my team make a difference each day.


Stay motivated. I encourage Veterans to keep working to get where you want to be. Education is important as a civilian, so it was important to me to continue moving toward a college degree. My education has helped my professional career development and opened up my career options. Think about your resilience training in the military and how it helped you to not give up. My military training has made me who I am and I use it in the professional world every day. It defines me as a soldier and an employee at Cummins. My employer truly values my ability to focus and follow through on critical details in our Supply Chain process.


Resume writing - The most important thing for a solider to think about is your resume.  Refine your resume to show leadership qualities.  You have to help civilian recruiters understand your experiences by explaining the elements of your military career and how it fits into a professional civilian job.  Send your resume to civilian recruiters and ask for feedback on how it is written. Understand which resume points are clear and which need to be better explained for a civilian role.

Company research – Research and learn about the companies before you apply. Even though I’ve personally used Cummins products overseas, like Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAP), I still needed more info about the company.

Continue your education - There’s room for growth if you want to get your college degree and use the G.I. Bill. Take advantage of that benefit and build a long, successful career. 

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