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US Recruiting Team Coordination Leader
U.S. Marine Corps - Sergeant, Administrative Clerk

In my role as the Recruiting Team Coordination Leader, I support and manage our pre- hire process for acquisition of talent to Cummins. My team has a primary focus on the hiring process. I provide leadership by helping them understand their roles and support them in executing their responsibilities. This is a high volume, fast paced, process driven environment. The service taught me to keep calm, keep my eye on the mission, lead from the front, and above all show your team you are ready and willing to roll up your sleeves and get in the weeds for them. These lessons help me succeed ever day in my civilian career.


When I was transitioning out of the Marine Corps, I made sure to take the transition classes seriously and utilize resources they provided. It has helped me translate my experience in a way that civilian recruiters understood. Be open to advice, coaching and seek advice from civilian recruiters to review your resume and update it to best reflect your skills and military experience. It's easy to succeed if you push through – that's what the military taught us. Just go for it!


Be open minded - Be open to learning from others and be understanding how to use your skills to make an impact. When you’re in the military, there’s a confidence that comes with it. You might feel anxiety coming out of the service because the civilian career options may be jobs you’ve never done before. Remember, the military throws things at you that you’ve never done before, but you ultimately succeeded. These are leadership traits.

Collaboration - Realize there is more power in collaborating with and influencing a team to find the end goal, rather than simply giving an order to someone.  Allow yourself to be coached from your managers and leadership, and embrace the differences. Ultimately allow yourself to experience how a positive perspective on diversity can help us all find the best solutions.   

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