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Manager, Information Security Policy and Awareness
Rhode Island Air National Guard Cyber Liaison

I have worked in the Cyber realm for approximately 10 years and brought my expertise to CVS in 2012  where I currently manage two programs: Information Security Policies and Standards and the Security Awareness Program. In the National Guard, I serve as the primary coordinator for interaction between the Cyber Operations Squadron and Joint Force Headquarters, Federal/State Agencies, Academia, and Private Sectors. This role allows me to cross over to my position with CVS Health where I am responsible for educating and informing end-users about the risks posed by insecure behaviors to CVS Health's information systems, networks and the security policies, practices, and procedures available to address and counteract those risks.


Do what you are passionate about and success will follow. The key is to recognize opportunities when they present themselves and take hold of them. Many times these opportunities will take you out of your comfort zone but keep in mind that these are the experiences that will allow you to grow and propel you to the next level. Don't let your fear of something override your curiosity. Also, never underestimate the things that you have already accomplished and instead capitalize on those proficiencies. We gain so many more skills from our experiences then we tend to give ourselves credit for.


I have learned that flexibility is an invaluable quality. Whether it’s a change in your personal schedule, a modification to project plans or a shift in resources, it is important to be able to quickly readjust your course of action, keep a positive mindset and continue to be productive. 

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