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Senior Director, Enterprise Disaster Recovery
U.S. Air Force

My professional network alerted me to opportunities at CVS Health. I would probably never have considered the company, but a close friend encouraged me to apply for my current position and opened a door or two to get me that first interview. After that, it was up to me to execute. But we all need that first invite to the game.

The military was a calling and a family and I loved all 26 years. I wanted to find a company that could provide a similar atmosphere. I interviewed with several companies before accepting this position. Most were interested in my personal rolodex and wanted me to sell their product to the Air Force. CVS Health asked me to come onboard and help them improve their team and pursue their purpose, which is helping people on their path to better health. Relating IT to that purpose can be confusing, but in disaster recovery, we plan and prepare for the worst so that a crisis does not impact our patients and customers.


Network, network, network. Online job sites and applications are great but the personal touch closes the deal. Build your personal and professional network now. As soon as you decide to separate or retire, start working on your resume and revitalize your network. Keep in touch with others who have gone before you and get trusted mentors to review your resume and help you gain that initial interview.


Twenty-six years of war planning and deploying to crisis locations provided a great foundation for leading our disaster recovery efforts. Our team is small and does not own our IT infrastructure or the application development teams. But we must coordinate their actions and build consensus across multiple IT disciplines and business owners. That is how many, if not most, actions work in the military.  Only a handful of commanders truly own all the resources they need to execute their mission. Learning how to operate in that environment, early in my career, directly relates to corporate life.

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