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Director Inventory Management - CVS Health
U.S. Army - Captain, Signal Corps

I develop inventory flow plans to support 7,800 U.S.-based stores. I work with suppliers to insure uninterrupted supply of products through a complex supply chain involving logistics, warehousing and store ops. I support category business goals and provide relevant counsel to merchandizing partners to optimize inventory distribution and flow. I work to develop a high-performing team that collaborates with cross-functional stakeholders to deliver predictable business results. I drive a high level of service at the store and distribution center level across over-the-counter and pharmacy categories.


Be engaged (active participation) in your job. Get "role clarity" and understand your expected deliverables.

Be clear on your assigned responsibilities and accountabilities and understand the difference between the two.

Know who your internal and external customers are and how you impact each other. Develop relationships with key stakeholders throughout your organization.

Identify mentors with diverse company and industry experience and leverage them when business ambiguity is present.

Listen twice, speak once.


-Focus on enhanced critical thinking skills.

-Career track showing excellent performance with increased responsibility, greater scale and scope.

-Participation in developmental training / seminars / tutorials to enhance skills. (Continuous learning)

-Military training provided a benchmark for working with people from various backgrounds in support of a common goal. (Team)

-Firm, Flexible, Fair approach to people leadership.

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