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Project Manager
U.S. Army - Major, Active Reserve

I joined in October 2014 as a project manager for the Professional Services team after going through the EMC GSAP Program. I manage resources and financial aspects of various projects and bill customers appropriately.

EMC is very aligned with the military culture that I am used to- we work hard but also play hard. You do the job until it is complete- there isn’t an exact quitting time, you just do what it takes to get the job done. There is a lot of flexibility in your time and you are not micromanaged. You are given a mission and you complete it. Everyone here is willing to help you and you really are set up for success.

EMC has a Veterans Employee circle that is very active in the community and it’s nice to have a place to go to talk and communicate with other veterans. They also participate in the Service Academy Career Conference which is where I was able to learn about EMC. It is great that they are so involved in bringing veterans into the workforce and I think it’s a true win/win for everyone.


Don’t ever sell yourself short on the skills you have acquired while in the military. Many of these same skills are transferable and you sometimes don’t realize what you have done that a normal citizen hasn’t. Your discipline, timeliness, leadership, coaching skills, etc. will get you very far in the corporate world!

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