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Global Operation Lead Employee Services (HR/Global Business Services)
U.S. Army - Field Artillery

The military has provided me with extraordinary opportunities to lead people and tackle very complex problems that had literally never been tackled before. I use the skills that I have learned (and now teach) to drive planning and operational coordination at the company literally every day.

The EMC community has been extremely supportive of my military service. All of the managers I have had over my career encouraged my continued service and encouraged me to keep building my military career. The EMC Veterans circle has also given me the opportunity to connect with other veterans across the company and share my experiences with hiring managers on why hiring veterans is so important to both the company and the community.


Veterans have the skills, training, and experience to thrive in the private sector. The same things that foster success in the military apply to the private sector. If you have the right expectations once you join a company, then with hard work and mission focus you can move up the ladder and continue on a successful trajectory.

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