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Engineering Team Leader
U.S. Navy - Lieutenant Commander, Submarine Warfare

In my role as Engineering Team Leader, I manage a team of Field Service Engineers and Technicians in the NY/NJ Metropolitan Area. Similar to the role of a Division Officer, I am involved in the day-to-day operations of the team and work closely with the District Operations Center (DOC) Manager to ensure our team is safely providing sustained superior customer service. The position requires technical understanding of complex electrical systems, financial acumen, attention to detail, and leadership skills. My favorite part of this role is interacting with my engineers, the sales and project management teams, and our customers.


The same traits that made you successful in the military will serve you well after the transition. Take care of your people. Maintain a good work/life balance. Take advantage of development and growth opportunities. Communicate effectively. Stay flexible, and embrace change. Network. It is okay if you don't know what you want to do with the rest of your life. Look at your boss and your boss's boss. If you don't see yourself in their position in 3-5 years, you probably have a job. If you want their jobs, you might have found your career.


Leadership- As a former submarine officer, I received extensive technical training and several years of power plant and systems experience. All of that is great on a resume, but what really sets veterans apart is our proven leadership ability. Even young, relatively junior enlisted personnel are put in charge of people from early on in their careers. Highlight your leadership experience, training, and skills. Stay connected to your military network.
Education- Take advantage of the G.I. Bill and any other education/training benefits you earned. Much of your military training can be applied directly towards college credits.

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