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Production Supervisor
U.S. Army - First Sergeant, Communications Manager

In my role, I'm currently managing two departments: Structure Line, consisting of 25 personnel, and Line Lean 1, consisting of 15 personnel. My job is demanding, but not stressful, which calls for great deal of motivation and leadership for my team members, a skill that is instilled in all Noncommissioned Officers of the Army. I like my job because we deliver a universal product that enables others to do their job, enjoy life, teach and save lives. The power of electricity. Also, Eaton shares the same values as the military; people first, integrity, respect and pride in everything we do.


All candidates should familiarize themselves with the company's history, its market presence and associated products. Also, candidates need to fine tune their presentation skills, public speaking and confidence; "look the role". Ask questions; it's impossible to know everything about something you have not been introduced to. Stop the use of military acronyms; you will learn many more job applicable acronyms and terms.


Training- As an Army communicator I was introduce and trained on schematic reading, which proved to be very valuable in my current role. Other valuable skills that I would encourage candidates to learn is project management, Lean Six Sigma, Microsoft programs (Word, PowerPoint, and especially Excel), CPR and OSHA. I have an MBA, which is fine, but I feel an engineering background is more suitable for this facility. 

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