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Project Manager, Pre-fabricated Commercial Products
U.S. Marine Corps - Sergeant, Aircraft Administrations

As the project manager for a pre-fabricated commercial products electrical company, I am responsible for the ultimate success of day-to-day activities within the business. Working in a manufacturing plant my main focus is safety and ensuring the wellbeing of each employee first and foremost. I work with customers, sales agents, and engineers daily to discuss job specifics and carry out requests related to the referenced project. Each project possesses unique challenges, but with a great team behind me we make it happen.


Never give up! You have valuable skills and attributes employers are seeking today. Be proud of what you have achieved and never question your decision of being in the military – Be the example.


Mentors- Anyone’s success is measured by the person's investment, “You get what you put in.” Hard work and determination pays off in the long run hence, “NEVER GIVE UP!” I have been very blessed with surrounding myself with good mentors and people that provide me with constant feedback. You must be able to fail, but pick yourself back up and push through, that is what makes you who you are.

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