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North America Seller Risk Grave Shift Team Leader
U.S. Army - Sergeant, Mechanic/Tank Recovery Specialist

I currently lead a team of 18 people, working to keep fraud off of the global eBay Marketplaces site. I like the responsibility of working the Grave shift as I can work independently, making sound business decisions that allow my eBay Leadership to sleep soundly at night, knowing that I'm fully capable of addressing any issues or concerns anywhere across the globe in their behalf. My Army leadership skills obtained as a section leader and squad leader, combined with the associated level of accountability have enabled me to grow our future leaders in that same capacity, serving as informal leaders in a "floor leader" or "Rep on Deck" role during our eBay shift overnight, overseeing business operations in my behalf as necessary.


I'd offer a word of caution that the degree of military discipline we learned through our service is not always welcomed in the civilian sector. Pay particular attention to your "soft skills" in how you address your superiors, peers, and subordinates. Your level of authority and the judicious use of that authority without being overbearing or uncaring speaks volumes to your ability to be well-rounded. Utilize diplomacy in resolving issues instead of adopting a debate mentality. Make your best business decision given the available facts and be a risk-taker. Do not ask of your leadership what you can/cannot do-make the call yourself then tell your leadership what you've done, along with the outcome. They will appreciate your ability to think independently and make decisions.


When I left the Army I worked some mechanic jobs that were less than desirable because I had no further education than my Army training. After being told too many times that “you don’t have enough education,” I had enough and at 31 years of age enrolled in a community college. I focused on Business Administration with a Major in Management. Titles such as these will always be in demand and make a positive impression on a resume. Choose positions that are in high demand: customer service, call center work, blue-collar jobs, Information Technology, etc. Learning these skill sets virtually guarantees you continued employment in such industries because the demand for experienced workers is high. The degree opened a number of doors for me that simply would not have been possible without it, with employers such as Electronic Data Systems, Hewlett Packard, and now eBay-all have been Fortune 500 companies for many years and I gained a great deal of business knowledge from my tenure with those firms.

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