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Recruiting Manager
U.S. Army - Major, Financial Management

I love working in Recruiting. In this role I recruit top talent for roles within eBay's Customer Experience Team. My focus is to provide great experiences for everyone I work with including business partners, hiring managers, applicants and my team. My experience in the Army helped me develop skills to be successful in this role including dealing with pressure, putting the mission first, working as a team and never giving up.Serving in the Army has become a part of who I am. It has resulted in many personal and professional challenges. It has given me many opportunities and experiences that I otherwise wouldn't have had that have made me a stronger person. Working simultaneously at eBay and in the Army Reserves can be very demanding but my experience has been complementary and makes me a better employee and Soldier. eBay has been very supportive and a fantastic partner over many years and through multiple deployments.


Your military experience is a huge positive that you should highlight with perspective employers. Share you passion for your service including what you learned and why you are a better person and employee because of your service. Take the skills and values you learned and share how that will add value to the employer and how it sets you apart from other potential hires. Look for the skills and competencies the employer wants and be prepared to share experiences that demonstrate them. Remember to focus on areas that overlap with the professional role you are seeking such as showing leadership, managing through change, taking initiative and being innovative.


The military has provided me a lot of great experiences that have helped me with my civilian career. It was as a young SGT and squad leader I gained experience managing people that helped me move into people management role in my civilian career.  Later as a young Finance Officer I was given the responsibility for making over a billion dollars of payments a responsibility that helped me refine my attention to detail and appreciation for building and enhancing processes.  My unique experiences in the Army set me apart from other applicants and have repeatedly provided me additional opportunities in my civilian career. 

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