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Area Rental Manager
U.S. Army- Staff Sergeant, Combat Engineer

In my current role as an Area Manager I am responsible for the retention and development of more than 30 employees. I coach and train them on expectations for customer service, growth of their operation and profitability of their locations. I ensure they have the necessary resources and tools to run successful day-to-day operations. I enjoy my role primarily because I can directly impact my employees’ lives in a positive manner. I am able to draw experience from being a leader in the military and motivating my troops to achieve high results. My job varies just like in the military and I have the autonomy to be creative. 


In respect to my job search prior to Enterprise Holdings my advice would be to search for jobs where you control your career. In the military, if you had the performance it was not hard to be promoted. This is great because you are not limited to having to spend years gaining experience. I love the fact that I am in the driver’s seat of my career at Enterprise. I attribute my success at Enterprise partly to the military, because the military values the discipline and effort it takes to complete missions. I developed great work ethic, pride, and discipline, and Enterprise’s values not only mirror these attributes but reward them as well. 


My degree is a BSA in Marketing. I also enrolled in a Master’s program in Accounting for a while. While in college I was able to work at a retail store and gain valuable sales experience. I was able to really develop strong communication skills by identifying with everyday consumers. My resume exuded leadership with the military, and discipline while finishing my degree. Furthermore, I had sales experience and strong communication skills. These attributes are what made me an attractive candidate for any company. Make sure you highlight your resume with strong verbs because it will help. 

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