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Reservation Sales Team Manager, St. Louis Contact Center
Army National Guard - 2nd Lt.

As a Reservation Sales Team Manager, I manage 17- 20 employees remotely. My job duties entail; monitoring employee performance and coaching towards goal attainment, conducting regular, timely monthly recaps and annual performance reviews, driving exceptional performance, maintaining quality standards, and making effective independent decisions on day to day business/employee challenges.   I serve as a mentor to fellow Team Managers and Management Trainees. I provide them with overall management advice and best practices.  I also share my time management expertise with them; giving tips on how to better manage their workload, prioritize, and meet deadlines.   


The skills you gain in the military (teamwork, discipline and resilience) are the ones you need to be successful in any organization. My ability to manage my time wisely, meet all my deadlines, and my attention to detail was definitely enhanced. These are definitely my biggest strengths today. When transitioning back into Corporate America I was able to tap into these strengths after being away. My best advice would be to jump into your new role and don’t be afraid to use that training and experience you gained while serving because this is what sets you apart and puts you in position to be successful in any role you take on.



I have gained a tremendous amount of experience in my current role as a Remote Reservation Team Manager at Enterprise Holdings. I also earned my MBA from Webster University in 2012. This along with my Military training, and the different community volunteer opportunities I participate in, has and is helping me become a stronger leader every day. I value my role in today’s corporate world and the fact that I can give back to society by being a positive coach, mentor, and leader to the individuals I encounter.

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