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Sales & Leads Analyst
U.S. Army - Specialist, Field Artillery Tactical Data Specialist

I help provide our sales operation team with an analytical scope. I am part of a diverse team in charge of providing our agents with world-class leads that will generate new business. Being part of a diverse team, I get the opportunity to work in different sectors of the organization on a daily basis. As an analyst, I working to understand and increase sales by providing anecdotal data to help grow our organization. What I love most about my job are the people I work with. I have met many executives who were very open to discussing anything with me from mentoring to the future of our industry.


One of the most common problems I hear from veterans is about the inaccurate advice they receive from career blogs, which is they shouldn't disclose their combat deployments and military experience. Many people will tell you to "translate" your military skills into language appropriate only for the job you'e applying for. But military responsibilities and the corporate sector are entirely different things. While your resume skills should relate to the position you're seeking, it's also critical to articulate the intangible skills you bring to the table. While I didn't have any corporate experience to begin with, I was proud of my professionalism, my integrity among peers and subordinates, work ethic, high moral standards, and leadership abilities. You can teach anyone a particular skill, but you can't teach someone to have integrity, ethics, and or how to be a real leader.

And lastly don't pay attention to any negative stigma those in the private sector might place on veterans. We come from the world's best military, and we reflect that.


During my first year in business school, I had a particularly hard time passing my economics class. The concepts taught in the class did not click for me at first until my third try re-taking the course. What used to by my weakness, I turned into my strength.  And in 2015, I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

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