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District Maintenance Specialist
U.S. Army - Captain, Armor and Quartermaster Branches

Rock Sherman, an Air Force veteran and a managing director at FedEx Ground shares his appreciation for Chris: "Chris is a true hero who was on the ground looking the enemy in the eye during [the Gulf War]. I engaged the enemy, too, but from the air. There's a difference." Chris, along with members of his unit in Baghdad, Iraq received the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service in the combat zone.

Chris, too, is quick to point out that Rock's roll in the Gulf War was also laudable. "Rock was a Wild Weasel," Chris states. "Wild Weasels are first in, last out in a combat zone. Their goal is to shut down the enemy's radar via direct attacks."

Achieving that goal earned Rock his own medal — the Distinguished Flying Cross. The medal is awarded for heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in an aerial flight. Rock, the lead F-4 Wild Weasel protecting an F-111 bombing raid over Baghdad, ran out of missiles. "I made spoofer calls and used flairs and other tricks to make the enemy think I was firing." While Rock was engaged in battle, a surface-to-air missile locked on and exploded about 1500 feet to the side of his Phantom. No battle damage was sustained.


Both men credit their military experience as instrumental in their success at FedEx Ground. "Many of the leadership skills are the same," says Chris. "For example, when you're in charge of a group of soldiers, you don't eat, sleep or get your equipment until they do, which is what Servant Leadership is all about." Rock adds, "The regimental discipline required in the military is key, too. My repetitive, 'checklist' mindset, which I learned in the Air Force, continues to serves me well in the district. So much of our success depends upon understanding and following a series of safety and/or operational steps.

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