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Monitoring Engineer
U.S. Army - First Lieutenant, Signal Officer

The skills I found most useful from my time in the military were the technical skills I learned from doing my job as well as the training I received. I also learned how to effectively solve problems and provide solutions.

At Fiserv, I'm a part of the enterprise technology team and I work each day to provide and implement solutions that allow us to monitor key components of our infrastructure. I'm working to become more proficient and skilled at my position, but also to become a Manager at Fiserv.


Take advantage of every opportunity to build upon your skills. Be persistent in finding what you want to do and go for it. Success will come.


My Army training was so beneficial – particularly the Signal Officers Basic Course, Battalion Staff Signal Officers Course, and Electronic Warfare Officers Course. My experience with companies such as General Dynamics and Information Innovators Inc. have also helped me to hone my technical support skills as well as knowledge around network operations, security, and systems administration.

What I enjoy most about my job is that I’m allowed to be creative in finding engineering solutions that allow us to monitor our infrastructure and our clients’ transactions. I enjoy the challenge that each project brings and how the project teams that I’m a part of pull together to provide solutions.

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