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Information Security Manager
U.S. Marine Corps - Sergeant, Cyber Specialist and Marine Special Operations Command, Special Operations Capabilities Specialist

My military experience and training helped my career in more ways than any education or certification could. The personnel management, prioritization, leadership and process analysis techniques that I’ve learned throughout my career will continue to be used daily until I pass from this world. My career has been completely shaped by my ability to adapt both personally and professionally. Keeping that perspective helps to drive my career onwards and upwards.

I’ve gotten to where I am today without a degree, however, I’m now actively seeking my degree in IT Management followed by a Master’s in Business Administration. I’ve also received my Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) which is useful in grabbing attention and moving your resume to the top of a stack for an information security position.

In my role today I support the Information Security Officer of Enterprise Technology Group. These roles include maintaining awareness and oversight of the security posture, and compliance with industry governance in our group. I personally drive our security initiatives forward - working to increase our posture in order to allow our many customers to safely conduct business across our integrated systems.


Don’t focus too much on what you want to do when you get out. Focus instead on why you want to do it. The why will easily define “the what”, and you’ll be able to exceed your expectations when you focus on the why. For example, I never made the decision to get into cyber security because it pays well or because there was a high demand. My decision making process was much more impactful than that. I asked myself why do I want to work in general? My answer: to support my family, to have something to feel accomplished in, to have an impact on this world, and to provide an example for which my children can follow. I decided to focus on security because I can have an impact and I am passionate about protecting people's data just like I was passionate about protecting the American people and their rights by serving in the Marine Corps.


My favorite thing about working at Fiserv has to be that you have the potential to make a difference here. That difference is felt within the organization; however, the true satisfaction comes from keeping millions of customers and their transactions safe. It’s daunting when you consider how many transactions occur in any given second, but it’s a great feeling to be able to be a part of a system that is protecting that many people and their information. I may not be putting my life on the line for my country anymore; however I am still doing my part to protect my countrymen. Only now, it’s protecting their information and their wallets.

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