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Director, Human Resources
U.S. Air Force - Staff Sergeant, Personnel Journeyman

In my role as a director of human resources, I partner with and support multiple members of the senior HR leadership team (SHRLT) with various enterprise-wide HR initiatives and priorities including organizational design and transformation. I also oversee all associate engagement and employee relations matters for the ETG function while also providing leadership guidance, performance coaching, compensation planning, talent planning and recruiting support. I have leveraged many of the skills I learned from my time in the Air Force as a personnel journeyman in my civilian career including my current role.

When asked what I like the most about my work at Fiserv, I say consulting with managers and leaders to offer my perspectives and share best practices. I also say the true business partnership that I have with the SHRLT is another aspect of my job that I most appreciate.


I credit my military background in helping me develop leadership and problem solving skills as well as a strong work ethic. I learned the importance of team work and developed a sense of pride in delivering top-quality work during my time in the service. The work ethic I developed in the Air Force pushes me to execute through challenges in my current role to achieve results and success for not only the ETG function but also the broader HR division.

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