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Senior Technical Trainer/System Administrator
U.S. Air Force - Senior Airman, Computer Systems Programming

As a senior technical trainer, I develop new technology courses and training manuals and deliver technical courses to Credit Union IT associates. I am an HP-certified Unix system administrator and developed my mastery of Unix while working in the Air Force as a senior airman, systems programmer and senior systems analyst.

My favorite thing about my current role is helping educate associates to make them more proficient in their jobs and I greatly enjoy the positive feedback and appreciation I receive from those who sign up for my classes. I appreciate the constant expectation of stretching and growing in my chosen field and the people I work with. They are truly are second to none!


My experience in the Air Force also taught me how to be highly self-disciplined and how to lead and mentor others which are skills I transferred to my post-military career and in my current role. Fiserv appreciates the discipline you bring from the military and what that contributes to the organization. The discipline I learned in the military has served me well in all of the roles I’ve held at our company and in other areas of my life.

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