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Director – Recruitment, Selection, and Training
U.S. Marine Corps- Captain, Infantry

I aim to select physically fit and smart professionals dedicated to protecting many of the nation’s most at-risk public figures. I provide America’s warrior class with a fresh career alternative to the public sector by illuminating our merit-based and bureaucracy-free culture, as well as our long-term career opportunities in corporate security, public-figure protection, technology, and threat assessment. GDBA is growing and every day I feel a part of that growth. I’m grateful that my creativity, ideas, and hard work are both valued and help shape the future for this elite security firm. 



If you truly want to be exceptional, don’t settle and take the safe bet for your career. Be fearless and find an organization that is off the beaten path, one where your energy, hard work, and intelligence can effect change and boost that organization’s future. Go where you can be a game changer. Forget your weaknesses and focus on your strengths. There is no point in expending more energy to drag your weaknesses from acceptable to average; instead, push your strengths from good to great.


Be Great. I don’t believe in the clichéd work-life balance. I believe any feeling or goal worth having requires effort and output. Whether it’s a personal, professional, or spiritual goal -- it all requires work. Consequently, it’s important for me to discover meaning, value, and expression in my work. You will know it when you find it, and I hope you do.

-Graduated United States Naval Academy
-Infantry Platoon Commander: Led Marines in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Africa
-Security Staff Agent: Protected numerous public figures in Los Angeles and around the world. 

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